CG100B Powder filling machine

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It is used for filling powder or fine granular materials with uniform physical properties and little change in specific gravity.For example: protein powder, pollen, mask powder, etc.

Measuring method:

The screw filling metering method is adopted. In the measurement range, different measurement requirements can be fulfilled by replacing screw of different specifications and setting the number of rotating circles of screw.

Pertinent Features:

The machine uses PLC control motor to drive measuring screw to measure, and uses touch screen man- machine dialogue operation interface. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, stable work, high measurement accuracy and fast filling speed. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry,pesticide and other industries.

Technical parameters:

Model CG100B
Packing speed (bag /hr.) 30-50 (According to the different materials and filling quantity to be sure.)
Rang of measuring(ml) 1-100
Operating of voltage(V) 220
Maximum power (W) 600
(L×W×H)mm 430(L)×670(W)×905(H)


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