It is suitable for automatic packaging of disc materials in food,medicine and other industries. Such as: pills, spherical sugar-coated tablets. chocolate beans,etc.

Measuring method:

The method of disc hole counting is adopted. Through accurate positive and negative rotation of stepping motor and multi-directional vibration with adjustable amplitude, reliable metering filling can be realized.

Pertinent Features:

Data-based loading adjustment system, based on the material rameters inputted by customers, it can adjust packaging weight at high speed after PLC operation in automatic.

Technical parameters:

Model DXDP50F
Packing speed (bag/min) 40-60 (Depend on packaging material type & packaging specifications)
Rang of meas-uring(ml)


Bag size(mm)



Sealing Mode/Orientation
Three-sides sealing,Four-sides Sealing/Unbent stripe
Unbent reticulation,Diagonal reticulation
Cutting Mode Plain Cut,Saw Cut,False Line(Saw) with fided length Continuous Cut
Maximum power (W) 1150
Source voltage(V) 220
Net Weight(Kg) 195
(L×W×H)mm 600(L)×760(W)×1650(H)
Packaging materials
Paper&PE,transparent paper&PE,Al Foil&PE,PET&PE,
Nylon&PE Composite Laminated Material


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