This packaging machine developed according to the international popular pillow bag. It enhances the utilization ratio of packaging material and can be equipped with beautiful shape and round corner bag. With the integrated structure of transverse sealing and cutting, It guarantees high qualified rate without cutting the packaging bag.


It is suitable for automatic packaging of fluid and semi-fluid materials in food, medicine, health care products and cosmetics industries.Such as: honey, gel, mask, mouthwash and so on.

Measuring method:

Motor driven pump is used for metering. Free adjustment of loading capacity within rated measuring range.

Pertinent Features:

1.Advanced touch-based man-machine interface can monitor the production status of equipment in real time and in all directions, and set and adjust various operating parameters.

2.Data-based loading adjustment system, based on the material parameters inputted by customers, automatically changes the stroke of the pump body through PLC operation to adjust the packaging weight at high speed.

3.Complete production failure alarm system helps users to understand abnormal information of the machine in the first time, such as: paper shortage, material shortage, abnormal temperature, cutting tool failure, etc, it greatly shortening maintenance time and cost.

4.Modular design, which can quickly change different dies, measuring parts and cutting knives according to customer's needs, enables the same equipment to quickly switch different packaging and cutting requirements(such as single bag, rolling bag, or rounded corner cutting knife).

5.Unique pump body automatic circulation cleaning system, and can be configured with water bath constant temperature system and other humanized functions.

Technical parameters:

Packing speed (bag/min) 30-50 (Depend on packaging material type & packaging specifications)
Rang of meas-uring(ml) 1-50
Bag size(mm)



Sealing Mode/Orientation
Back sealing/Unbent stripe
Unbent reticulation,Diagonal reticulation
Cutting Mode Profile Cut,Plain Cut,Saw Cut,False Line(Saw) with fided length Continuous Cut
Maximum power (W) 1200
Source voltage(V) 220
Net Weight(Kg) 225
(L×W×H)mm 600(L)×760(W)×2050(H)
Packaging materials
Paper&PE,transparent paper&PE,Al Foil&PE,PET&PE,
Nylon&PE Composite Laminated Material


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